Hi my name is Orlando Almario

frontend web developer since 2014,
crashed my first company in 2015,
started making videogames on 2016,
received a degree of visual arts in 2017.

I am a gameplay programer and in-learning technical artist, also a good illustrator and motion graphics designer. My expertise on art and programming makes me a good bridge between developers and artists.

I am a strong frontend and backend web developer, have been the main software architect for a couple of known mobile apps in Barranquilla, many private projects and digital platforms for private clients.

The more techincal stuff:

I use Unreal engine, blueprints, c++, Unity and C# for video game development. Also have experience with html5 and javascript for more casual games.

for the web i use the latest html and css wizardy on the frontend along react, vue and other fancy javascript frameworks.

python with django for backend and some javascript with nodejs for realtime.

On mobile development i use react-native and xamarin. althougth i can do real native applications with java and swyft when necessary.

Thank you for being here, you matter, and you are loved.

Orlando Almario 2020