Some months ago when I decided to publish more content online I realized that when you want people to pay attention, read or watch what you have to say there is one skill you must have:


To become a better storyteller I researched for books on the matter, in doing so I have start a journey on the ways stories shape or lives and how to create and tell my own. While I started this journey to write b etter content online, storytelling can help anyone achieve anything. For real! it sounds like malarkey maybe, but a good story could change the world, I asure you.

Humans are creatures of story, so story touches nearly every aspect of our lives,

The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human,
Jonathan Gottschall

In this book you will find a clear overview of the way human beings are affected by stories, there is so much of our live from childhood to adulthood that gets determined by the kind of stories we learn along life. the things that we value, the morals that we have, the daily desitions that we make, all affected by stories. And we don't even realized.

Reading this book allowed me to become aware of how stories affect me and those around me. Might it allow you to wake up to that fact as well.

a writer feels that writing is the best thing that ever happened to him, or could ever happen to him, because as far as he is concerned, writing is the best possible way of life.

Letters to a young novelist,

Vargas Llosa

Vargas llosa is a peruvian writer, he is 2010's literatury nobel prize and in the 90s he wrote a series of letters to his younger self, the letters are about how to write longform novels, while writing for the internet is a fast way of writing. The book is a mix of teorichal and practical views on how to write novels.

The way Vargas Llosa aproachs the elements of the novel, the elements of writing for me. And how to construct what he calls the persuation power of the novel result on a base of knowledge that anyone looking into telling better stories should have.

Eliminate anything that's not mission-critical and keep the narrative driving ever forward.

Unleash the power of Storytelling,
Rob Biesenbach

while the first two books are more on the teohrical side of storytelling, my final recommendation is almost a pocket handbook for writing stories in the real world for real use. Β Rob Biesenbach is a fantastic storyteller that has help fortune 500 companies to reach their audiences.

His book is full of actionable advice on how to construct stories from looking for stories to tell, to how to structure them, focus on the essentials and deliver them in different ocassions.

I know my personal journey on becoming a better story teller is varely begining, and there are literal tons more of books yet to be discovered. But I hope that these three can be a good start for you. As they have pointed me on the right direction.

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Three books to make you a better storyteller πŸ“š

Storytelling is an essential ability in the age of information and noise we live in. these books are a good starting point in the long journey of telling good stories.