I have read many times that the games we tend to like the most are those that have something familiar with something new. If like me, you are a long time fan of the legend of Zelda, this five games are sure to give you a good ride.

maybe you can play them while we wait for breath of the wild two to release, or a launch date announcement at least 😩

In the mean time, here are Five games with that zelda vibe and some cool twist on its mechanics that you can play right now:

1# Minit

A zelda-like adventure, exploration game where after claiming a cool sword on a beach you start dying every 60 seconds, the game even has a dedicated button to “die”.

with less than two hours runtime, excellent history telling and that cool 60 second loop mechanic. Minit is in high position on my zelda-like top games.

You can buy the game Now on Phones, Tablets, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One minitgame.com

If you bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality you already have it!

2# Moonligther

You might have hear of this game and decided to past on it based on that it is more of a rogue-like. but its art, story telling, combat mechanics and the innovative money making mechanic of administrating a store really hit home for me as a Zelda fan.

It’s difficulty curve and the upgrade systems are really well balanced. And they just published mobile versions that are not just simple ports. But truthfully re-worked the game to make it a first class mobile experience. Why don’t give it a shot!?

This game is also available for every major console and mobiles: moonlighterthegame.com

If you happen to have xbox Gamepass you already have it!

3# Anodyne

I will be the first to admit this game did not strike me visually and it was a very long time before I finally played. Anodyne has a strong zelda-like gameplay base, explorations, items, and a little more RPG systems. and while it’s story starts more or less like another Zelda game. It quickly evolves into something very interesting.

It is not a game for the taste of everyone, but when you like it, you really like it.

The game is available on steam, switch, ps4, xbox and mobiles.

4# Lenna’s Inception
This might be the less known game of the bunch, and that’s a shame really, while starting out very similar to the gb zelda games, Lenna’s inception turns into a interesting game with probably the most out-there mechanics, breaking the fourth wall and turning in a meta-game. It can be a little slow to start. But I asure you it is worth the trip.

if you bough that itch.io bundle for racial justice, you already have it! why don’t give it a go. If not you can buy the game on steam and itch.

5# A short hike
I thought everyone new about this game! but apparently not that many people do. while it doesn’t really have dungeons, or comples items to be used. It has a lot of charm, a simple history and the feeling of free exploration. Like if you took breath of the wild exploration espirit and condense it into the tiniest package.

The game is available on PC, switch and i think? I saw it on gamepass? not sure.


That’s it! I hope you found something new in this list. I have had a lot of fun playing this games, and hopefully the release for breath of the wild two will happen soonish!

Next week I will be writing about some awesome Tools to make your own zelda games and levels If you want to know about that.

Five zelda like games you can play right now.

to scratch that 2d the legend of zelda itch.